Advantages of Laser Welding Machines in Jewelry Industry

Jewelry welding machine is a professional equipment for welding jewelry.Laser welding is a process that utilizes the radiant energy of a laser to achieve effective welding. The working principle is to excite a laser active medium in a specific manner (such as a mixed gas of CO2 and other gases, YAG yttrium aluminum garnet crystal, etc.). The reciprocating oscillation in the cavity forms a stimulated radiation beam. When the beam is in contact with the workpiece, its energy is absorbed by the workpiece, and welding can be performed when the temperature reaches the melting point of the material.

No jewellery, no women. Jewelry is the quality pursuit of every woman. As the growing demand for jewellery throughout the world, Jewelry making and repairing technology has become an urgent need.

  Laser processing technology was introduced into jewelry industries since the development of the first ruby laser by American scientist Mehman in 1960, and it has become more and more popular and has become an indispensable equipment for jewelry enterprises with its high speed, high precision and convenience.

  Laser Jewelry Welding Machine: Jewelry Laser Welding Machine is a laser equipment specially designed for jewelry laser soldering. It is used for jewelry spot welding, filling holes, repairing seams, parts connections and so on. It has outstanding advantages over traditional soldering methods, such as smaller and finer solder joints, deeper soldering depths, and faster and easier operation.


Jewelry laser welding machine features:

1. Energy, pulse width, frequency, spot size, etc. can be adjusted in a large range to achieve a variety of welding effects. The parameters can be adjusted by control lever in the closed-loop, which is simple and efficient.

2. Unique optical design, stable laser output, xenon lamp life is more than 5 million times.

3. Small welding spot, small heat affected area, little product deformation, but high weld strength, no pore.

4. Man-friendly interface, reliable performance and long service life.

5. 24-hour continuous working capacity, stable performance, maintenance-free within 10,000 hours.


Advantages of laser welding machines in the jewelry industry:

1. Precise positioning when jewels setting, the jewels in the surrounding will not be damaged during the welding process. The solder joints are fine and beautiful, without excessive post-weld treatment.

2. laser spot welding parameters can be adjusted in a larger range, the welding spot size can be adjusted at will to achieve a variety of welding effects.

3. The processing speed is fast; the thermal deformation and heat affected zone are small.

4. The welding point of laser welding is very small, the same color as the place where there is no welding. Comparing with ordinary welding with a black circle, laser welding effect is much more beautiful.

5. Environment-friendly. In the laser welding process, it is not necessary to use solder and solvent, and to clean the work-piece with chemical solvent. Therefore, there is no problem of waste disposal for laser welding.    

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Post time: Apr-14-2021