3D Laser Marking Machine

  • UV Laser Marking Machine-3D

    UV Laser Marking Machine-3D

    3D dynamic fiber laser marking machine is used for engraving and marking on various 3D curved surfaceit uses pre-focused optical mode and larger X, Y-axis deflection ens, lt has larger range and finer lighteffects, can mark differentheight of the object, variable focal length changes more. n the same focusprecision work, the marking range with 3Dmarking can be greater than 2D marking.

  • 3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    It can realize the laser marking of most metal and non-metal three-dimensional curved surfaces or stepped surfaces, and can focus the fine spot within the height range of 60mm, so that the laser marking effect is consistent..