Application characteristics of laser welding technology in automobile manufacturing industry

Laser welding has become one of the important methods in industrial manufacturing because of its high energy density, small deformation, narrow heat-affected zone, high welding speed, easy automatic control, and no subsequent processing. The automobile manufacturing industry is the industry that uses laser welding technology on the largest scale in the current industrial production. The flexibility of laser welding machines meets the processing of various materials in automobiles, reduces automobile production costs, improves production efficiency, and brings huge economic benefits to the automobile manufacturing industry. benefit. The laser welding technology is mainly used for auto-body top cover laser welding, multiple gear laser welding, airbag igniter laser welding, sensor laser welding, battery valve laser welding, etc. The details are as follows:

 1.The application part of laser welding technology in automobile manufacturing industry

In the automotive industry, laser welding is usually applied to key positions of body welding and parts that have special requirements for the process. For example, it can solve the problems of welding strength, efficiency, appearance and sealing performance for the welding of the roof and side wall outer panels; it can solve the problem of right-angle lap joints for the rear cover welding; the laser tailored welding for the door assembly can effectively improve Welding quality and efficiency. Different laser welding methods are often used for welding of different body parts, such as laser brazing: it is mostly used for the connection of the top cover and the side wall, and the trunk cover.

Laser self-fusion welding: belongs to deep penetration welding, mainly used for roof and side walls, car doors, etc. Laser remote welding: the use of robots + galvanometers, remote beam positioning + welding, has the advantage of greatly shortening the positioning time and higher efficiency compared with traditional laser processing. It has been gradually promoted in Europe and the United States.

Second, the characteristics of laser welding car body

2.Non-contact processing

The most important advantage of laser welding in automobile manufacturing is embodied in advanced non-contact processing methods. Traditional processing methods such as screw fastening and adhesive connection cannot meet the requirements of precision and robustness in modern automobile manufacturing, and the application of new materials also makes traditional processing methods slightly disadvantageous. Laser welding is non-contact. In the process of processing, precision welding can be achieved without touching the product. It has achieved leapfrog progress in the robustness, seamlessness, precision and cleanliness of the connection.

3.Laser welding improves the weight of automobiles

The use of laser welding can replace castings with more stamping parts in automobile manufacturing, and use continuous laser welding seams to replace scattered spot welding seams, which can reduce the overlap width and some strengthening parts, reduce the volume of the body structure itself, thereby reducing The weight of the body is reduced, and the requirements for energy saving and emission reduction of automobiles are met.

4.Improve body assembly accuracy and rigidity

There are hundreds of parts in the body and chassis of a car. How to connect them has a direct impact on the rigidity of the vehicle body. Laser welding can almost all metal materials of different thicknesses, grades, types and grades. Connected together, the accuracy of welding and the assembly accuracy of the body are greatly improved, and the rigidity of the body is increased by more than 30%, thereby improving the safety of the body.

 5.Laser hybrid welding improves process stability

Compared with pure laser welding technology, the use of laser hybrid welding technology can greatly improve the connection ability of sheet metal gaps, so that enterprises can make full use of the process stability of arc welding during laser high-speed welding.

In addition, the use of laser welding can also reduce the stamping and assembly costs in the car body manufacturing process, shorten the production cycle, reduce the number of parts, and improve the degree of body integration. Laser welding parts, the welding part has almost no deformation, the welding speed is fast, and no post-weld heat treatment is required. At present, laser welding parts have been widely used, such as transmission gears, valve lifters, door hinges, etc.

Post time: Jul-08-2021