Is it possible to mark any metal with fiber laser marking machine?

Fiber laser marking machine can also be called metal laser marking machine. Because it is used is a fiber laser, is a rare earth element doped glass fiber as a gain medium laser, in the pump light under the action of the fiber is very easy to form a high power density, resulting in laser work material laser energy level “particle number reversal”, when appropriate to join the positive feedback loop (constitute a resonant cavity) can form the laser oscillation output. The laser wavelength is 1064nm, which belongs to the infrared invisible light, and the absorption rate of metal materials for this wavelength is relatively high, so the fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for metal marking.


So are all metals can be marked by fiber laser marking machine? –Yes, fiber laser marking machine can be marked on any metal material, but not any metal material can be marked with the desired effect.

The advantages of using laser marking machine processing:

1.non-contact processing, no contact with the product surface, marking the work piece will not produce internal stress, to ensure the original accuracy of the work piece. No corrosion on the surface of the work piece, no “tool” wear, non-toxic, non-polluting.

2.environmental protection: no consumables, does not produce any harmful substances to the environment and human body, no pollution.However, some of the material laser marking will produce smoke, the general use of smoke extraction system can be processed.


3.fast: laser marking machine is controlled by an industrial computer, computer-controlled laser beam can move at high speed, the marking process can be completed within seconds.

4.low cost: laser marking once formed, small energy consumption, no consumables.

5.marking with permanent: laser marking is essentially a “destructive removal” process, marking out of the mark is not easy to imitate and change, the mark will not be due to environmental relations (touch, acid and alkaline gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.) and fade.

6.marking high precision: laser marking machine marking items fine pattern, fine and clear, beautiful feel good, engraved surface smooth, natural, textured; minimum line width of up to 0.01mm.

Post time: Jul-05-2023