Laser marking machine for jewelry industry.

With the rapid development of laser marking machine skills, the use of laser marking machines in different fields and occupations is gradually being widely used.
  Because laser processing is different from traditional processing, laser processing refers to the use of thermal effects that occur when a laser beam is projected onto the surface of a material to complete the processing process, including laser welding, laser engraving and cutting, surface modification, laser marking, laser drilling and micro-machining etc. it has played a pivotal effect in today’s processing and manufacturing, and has provided skills and equipment for the technical transformation of traditional industries and the modernization of manufacturing operations.

 In today’s jewelry industry, in order to satisfy the needs of today’s people, today’s jewelry processing is becoming more and more sophisticated and beautiful. Jewelry processing is different from traditional manufacturing, slight and minor defects will directly affect the quality and value of the product. Therefore, to obtain very good processing results, more reliable equipment is required to satisfy the processing requirements. Because the laser can reach the order of millimeters or micrometers after concentrating, this has a major meaning for today’s jewelry industry. It can completely satisfy the fine demands of today’s jewelry processing, and other characteristics of laser processing have completely improved the quality of jewelry goods.


In the processing of jewelry products today, laser marking machining not only has the characteristics of fast processing speed and high precision, but also does not require orthotics and finishing after laser processing, which not only greatly improves the quality of jewelry products, but It also reduces the number of jewelry processing steps and avoids unnecessary damage and defective rates.

  After the laser is focused, it can form a small light spot, which can be accurately positioned, and can meet the mass processing requirements of jewelry products. During the processing of the laser, the laser does not need to contact the appearance of the processed article, so it will not form a mechanical squeeze on the appearance of the jewelry, and will not affect the overall processing effect of the jewelry product.

  Laser equipment has low maintenance cost, long service life, and superior performance. In summary, the overall return on investment of laser equipment is much higher than that of traditional equipment. The laser equipment is controlled by computer software. It is not only easy to operate, but also flexible and diverse. It can meet the personalized processing of goods according to practical processing requirements. The accurate control of the computer not only ensures the reliability of jewelry products, but also reduces the related errors of human factors and ensures the quality of jewelry products.

Post time: Apr-14-2021