Precision marking applications of UV laser marking machine

The kinetic energy output of the short-wavelength UV laser stimulates photochemical changes in the material, and the UV laser prevents the destruction of the product due to excessive heat bonding. UV laser generators are able to perform detailed laser marking, in addition to achieving the best surface quality and faster production rates. Compared with infrared and green laser generators, UV laser generators can significantly achieve faster production rates and stronger laser marking quality without all the expensive laser sensitive additives in the material production process.


UV laser marking machine basic principle

The basic principle is the same as the laser marking machine, all with a laser in a variety of different chemical substances on the surface of the permanent mark. The marking bottom utility is based on the short wavelength laser immediately cut off the molecular chain of the material (as opposed to long-wave lasers caused by the volatilization of surface chemicals exposed deep chemical substances) and then highlight the required ion injection pattern design, text.

Advantages of UV Laser Marking Machine

Ultraviolet laser is the preferred product for customers who have high requirements for the actual effect of laser marking because it can carry out ultra-detailed laser marking and laser marking of unique materials due to the small focus point and the small thermal hazard zone of production and processing. The UV laser is suitable for the production and processing of materials other than copper materials more generally. Not only is the light cost-effective, the focus of light point is smaller, can complete ultra-detailed marking; application areas are more common; ​the thermal hazard area is very small, not easy to cause thermoelectrical effect, not easy to cause material burning paste problem; marking speed is faster, high efficient; the entire mechanical characteristics of smooth, small size, poor functional loss and other advantages.

Post time: Jul-06-2023