The effect of UV laser marking machine on the marking of LED lamps

From rough stone lamps to bronze lamps, and then from ceramic lamps to modern electric lamps, the historical changes of lamps are marked by the times, and they are also the epitome of social economy and culture. With the changes of the times and the development of technology, lamps and lanterns have entered a critical period of changes in the industrial structure. At this time, the emergence of laser marking machines has greatly promoted the development of the lighting industry.


The market prospects of LED lamps are bright. With the continuous increase in demand, the production capacity needs to be continuously improved. The traditional silk-screen marking method is easy to be erased, counterfeit and inferior products, and tampered with product information, which is not environmentally friendly and has low output. Can not meet production needs. Today’s laser marking is not only clear and beautiful, but also not easy to erase. With the automatic rotating platform, it saves labor. It is a necessary laser marking equipment in the lighting industry.

For the processing needs of bulbs, lamp holders, lamp holders and other types of lamps. Suntop Laser has specially developed an automated multi-station laser marking machine. Multi-station simultaneous processing can significantly improve the working efficiency of the led light laser marking machine, especially for small led lights such as marking led bulbs. One machine and one person can only mark one led light at a time, which is too wasteful of manpower and material resources. , Therefore, the LED laser marking machine with multi-station processing at the same time came into being on demand.


Multi-station UV LED light laser marking machine divides the stone with 8-station rotating turntable, which can realize multi-station automatic rotation switching, and can also realize the rotary marking of each small chuck. While marking, it can be manually up and down. Material, effectively improve the processing efficiency. It is equipped with a special fixture suitable for fixing the bulb lamp holder, and other fixtures of different specifications and sizes can also be customized, which is close to the needs of the user’s production site process application. No matter what shape the bulb lamp can be processed at multiple positions at the same time.

The advantages of using this UV LED lamp laser marking machine are:
1.The disposable single-head laser emits light at the same time, giving a new definition of “fast”, making the laser marking series products operate more quickly.
2.The 360-degree revolving transmission path on the dynamic side, coupled with the replaceable buckle design, overcomes the application challenges of marking more different products at the same time.
3.Multi-station design to meet more application requirements in terms of personnel efficiency.
4.The engraving effect of laser marking is N times better than the effect of inkjet!
In terms of consumables, it wins with zero consumables!

Post time: Oct-20-2021