Automatic Focus Laser Marking Machine

Automatic Focus Laser Marking Machine

It has a motorized z axis and with automatic focus functions, which means you just need to press “Auto” button, the laser will find the right focus by itself.

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Product Introduction

Laser marking or engraving have been widely used in industry for several decades for identification or traceability needs. It constitutes an advantageous industrial alternative to many mechanical, thermal or inking processes on many materials, metals, plastics or organic. Laser marking, without contact with the part to be marked, and capable of finely and aesthetically reproducing complex shapes (texts, logos, photos, bar codes or 2D codes) offers great flexibility of use and does not require any consumable.

Almost any material can be marked with a laser source. As long as the correct wavelength is used. Infrared (IR) is most commonly used (1.06 microns and 10.6 microns) on most materials. We also used little laser markers with wavelengths in the visible or in the ultra violet. On metals, whether by etching or surface annealing, it provides durability and resistance to acids and corrosion.

On plastics, the laser acts by foaming, or by coloring material in addition to the pigments possibly present in it. Marking on transparent materials is also possible with lasers of the appropriate wavelength, usually UV or CO2. On organic materials, laser marking generally acts thermally. A laser marker will also be used on all these materials for marking by ablation of a layer or of a surface treatment of the part to be marked.

The autofocus function is different to the motorized focus. The motorized z axis also need to press the “up” & “down” button to adjust the focus, but autofocus will find the correct focus by itself. Because it has a sensor to sensor the objects, we set the focus length already. You just need to put the object on the worktable, press “Auto” button, then it will adjust the focus length by itself.


It used for various products such as gold & silver jewellery, sanitary ware, food packing, tobacco products, medicine packing, medical apparatus and instruments, watches & glassware, auto accessories, electronic hardware and so on.


Model F200PAF F300PAF F500PAF F800PAF
Laser Power 20W 30W 50W 80W
Laser Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse Width  110~140ns 110~140ns 120~150ns 2~500ns (Adjustable)
Single Pulse Energy 0.67mj 0.75mj 1mj 2.0mj
Output Beam Diameter 7±1 7±0.5
M2 <1.5 <1.6 <1.8 <1.8
Frequency Adjustment  30~60KHz 30~60KHz 50~100KHz 1-4000KHz
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Power Adjustment  10-100%
Marking Range  Standard: 110mm×110mm, 150mm×150mm optional
Focus System Autofocus
Cooling System Air cooling
Power Requirement 220V±10% ( 110V±10%) /50HZ 60HZ compatible
Packing Size & Weight Machine: Around 68*37*55cm, Gross weight around 50KG



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