Fiber Laser Marking Machine – Manually Portable Model

Fiber Laser Marking Machine – Manually Portable Model

It is computer-controlled, environmentally friendly and offer the benefits of non-contact abrasion-resistant permanent engravings onto almost any type of material including precious metals and some plastics.

Product Detail

Product Introduction

The laser marking machine has a wide range of functions. This machine is a fiber laser marking machine with high photoelectric conversion rate, good laser beam quality, long life, maintenance-free within 100,000 hours, can run within 24 hours, and can adapt to harsh working environments.

Its structure is designed in a split type, because there is enough space to install not only 20W/30W/50W lasers, but also 80W/100W/120W lasers, so there are multiple options for power.

With double red light galvanometer, high accuracy and easy operation.

Because of its low energy consumption, it can save costs.

Environmentally friendly, no pollutants, will not pollute the surrounding environment.

The cooling method is air cooling.

The equipment is suitable for metals (gold, silver, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, etc.) and other ordinary non-metallic materials (such as ABS/PVC/PE, etc.). In addition, it is also one of the first-choice machines in the jewelry industry and medical industries.


1. Multi-power laser light source, can be used in many industries.

2. Fast speed, high efficiency, stable output power and high reliability.

3. Life is long, maintenance-free within 100,000 hours, can be operated within 24 hours, and working conditions are harsh.

4. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the energy coupling loss is small, and the power consumption is only 0.5 KW/hour.

5. Small size, easy to carry, saving production space.

6. It belongs to non-contact processing, does not damage the product, has no tool wear, and has good marking quality.

7. It adopts computer control and is easy to realize automation.


Fiber laser marking machine suitable for metal, such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver and so on.

Also suitable for marking the surface of ordinary plastics, such as PVC, ABS, PE, PC, etc.


Model F200P F300P F500P F800P F1000P
Laser Power 20W 30W 50W 80W 100W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Minimum Line Width 0.02mm
Single Pulse Energy 0.67mj 0.75mj 1.0mj 2.0mj 1.0mj
Beam Quality <1.5M² <1.6M² <1.8M² <1.6M²
Spot Diameter 7±1 7±0.5 6.5±1
Repeat Frequency Adjustment Range 30-60HZ 40-60HZ 50-100HZ 1-4000HZ 20-200HZ
Minimum Characters 0.1mm
Marking Range 110mm×110mm/ 160mm×160mm optional
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Cooling Method Air cooling
Operating Environment 0℃~40℃(Non-condensing)
Electricity Demand 220V ( 110V) /50HZ ( 60HZ)
Packing Size & Weight Around 42*73*86cm; Gross Weight Around 52 kgs




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