UV Laser Marking Machine – Portable Type

UV Laser Marking Machine – Portable Type

It has the characteristics of short wavelength, small spot, cold processing, low thermal influence, good beam quality, etc., which can realize ultra-fine marking.

Product Detail

Product Introduction

UV series of laser marking machine adopts high-quality ultraviolet laser generator.

The ultra- small focusing spot of 355nm ultraviolet light can ensure hyper fine marking and the minimum marking character can be accurate to 0.2mm.

The system is suitable for processing those materials that have big reactions to thermal radiation.

Ultraviolet lasers have benefits that other lasers do not have that is Ability to limit thermal stress.This is because most UV laser systems are running at low power. It is widely applied on industrial. By using techniques sometimes called "cold ablation",the beam of the UV laser produces a reduced heat affected zone and minimize the effects of edge processing, carbonation, and other thermal stresses.These negative effects are usually present with higher power lasers.


1. High quality light beam,small focal point,ultra- fine marking.

2. The laser output power is stable and the equipment reliability is high.

3. Small size, easy to handle, flexible and portable.

4. Low energy consumption,environmentally friendly,no consumables.

5. Widely used,because most materials could absorb UV laser.

6. It can support logos and graphs designed in DXF format from Auto-CAD, PLT, BMF, AI, JPG, etc.

7. Long life, maintenance free.

8. It can mark date, bar code and two-dimension code automatically.

9. It with very little heat affecting area, it won't have heat effect,there is no burning problem,pollution-free,non-toxic,high marking speed,high efficiency, the machine performance is stable, low power consumption.


UV laser marking machine is mainly used to mark, engrave and cut for special materials.

The machine can meet the requirement of marking on most metal materials and some non-metal materials.

It can be widely applied in ultra-fine laser marking in high-end market, such as keyboards of cell phone, auto parts, electronic components, electronic appliance, communication apparatus, sanitary wares, kitchenware, sanitary equipment, glasses, clock, cooker etc.


Model BLMU-P
Laser Power 3W 5W 10W
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Laser Source JPT
Pulse Width <15ns@30kHz <15ns@40kHz 18ns@60kHz
Frequency Range 20kHz-150kHz 40kHz-300kHz
M2 ≤ 1.2
Marking Range 110×110mm/150x150mm optional
Beam Diameter Non- expanding: 0.55±0.15mm Non- expanding: 0.45±0.15mm
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Focus System Double red light pointer assist for focal adjustment
Z Axis Manual Z Axis
Cooling Method Water cooling
Operating Environment 0℃~40℃(Non-condensing)
Electricity Demand 220V±10% ( 110V±10%) /50HZ 60HZ optional
Packing Size & Weight Machine: Around 45*52*79cm, 58KG; Water Chiller: Around 64*39*55cm, 24KG






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