UV Laser Marking Machine – Tabletop Type

UV Laser Marking Machine – Tabletop Type

The tabletop model more suitable for factory 24 hours processing. It has small focus light spot, reduce material mechanical deformation, more stable. It can do ultra-fine marking on special materials.

Product Detail

Product Introduction

UV 3W/5W series of UV laser marking machine adopts superior performance ultraviolet laser generator. UV laser is cold light source.

The ultra-small focusing spot of 355nm ultraviolet light can ensure hyper fine marking and the minimum marking character can be accurate to 0.2mm.

Additionally, UV laser is optical fiber laser integrated structure, it has no optical pollution, no power of the coupling loss, compact structure compact, air cooling, with possess the high efficiency and reliability.


1.355um UV laser focused spot is very tiny, suitable for very high precision marking.

2.Stable performance , small size, low power consumption.

3.High-speed scanning galvanometer mirror system ensures its high precision.

4.Cold light, no heat effect, minimal heat affected zone, no thermal effect, no material burning issue.

5.Higher pulse stability, namely better pulse consistency of laser produces the same carving effect, so it’s very suitable for precision marking. Higher pulse repetition frequency meets the need of quick marking and high production efficiency.

6.High efficiency of the photoelectric conversion and long service life.

7.It can support logos and graphs designed in DXF format from Auto-CAD, PLT, BMF, AI, JPG, etc.


The UV laser marking machine is applicable for marking on various kinds of plastic materials (PCB boards, phone chargers, camera covers, USB flash surface, caps, plastic bottles, plastic bags, ABS covers, Rubber etc), and glass materials (glass bottles, glass cups etc).

It is widely also applied in ultra-fine laser process of the high-end market, such as computer keyboards, auto parts, communications equipment, medical equipment, bathroom equipment, food packaging, beverage, health care products, plastic buttons, business cards, clothing accessories, cosmetics packaging, car decoration, wood, logos, characters, serial number, bar code, PET, ABS.


Model U03T U05T
Laser Power 3W 5W
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
Beam Quality M2≤1.2mj
Beam Diameter Non-expanded: 0.7±0.1mm Beam expansion: 7.0±1.0mm
Pulse Width <15ns@30KHz <15ns@40kHz
Pulse Frequency Range 20KHz-200KHz
Power Adjustment Range 10-100%
Marking Range Standard: 100mm×100mm/150mm×150mm/175mm×175mm
Scanning Speed ≤7000mm/s
Operating Environment 10℃~35℃(Non-condensing)
Electricity Demand 220V ( 110V) /50HZ (60HZ)
Cooling Method Water cooling
Packing Size & Weight Around 111*106*87cm, 162KG




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